#Unleash The Happy!

It was a welcoming surprise for a group of unsuspecting office workers this past Friday when 20 + dogs & puppies barreled in “Unleashing the Happy!” -And who wouldn’t love a dose of instant de-stressing and on Take Your Dog To Work Day!  Puppies:  Makes Life Happy :).  I had the honor of being cast as a principal reporter who was from the “Associated Press” to set-up our stage.  Here are a few behind the scene shots:

                                   Behind the Scenes Hidden Cameras

Thank you to Matt Wulf, Micah Ross, Chris Lettley & everyone in the cast & crew for such a rockin’, feel-good shoot!

This was definitely one-of-a-kind!  Let’s do it again!

With my Goumbas: Johnny.

Ooo! I had the rockin’ opportunity of surprising my fiancé wita free ride in the Pash Cab promo that we shot in NYC a few Saturday’s ago!  It was a difficult task getting John to come with me and “just enjoy the city” for this fun event and not spoiling the surprise, but I was able to get him on the bandwagon–he really had NO idea.  John didn’t want me to spend any money on him since we’re saving for a wedding that’s right around the corner. Very adamant!  Well honey, I didn’t!

We were picked up in a cab with all these crazy hidden cameras near Central Park West and taken for a leisurely ride to Bryant Park by our fabulous driver who turned out to be none other but GOUMBA JOHNNY!  I recognized his voice right away and his face!  (After listening to Goumba on KTU for so many years it wasn’t hard to figure it out.)


Me, Goumba & Johnny

The cab ride was hilarious and the chill-ness of Goumba roused John’s curiosity as he never ran across such an overly friendly driver.  All the conversation was geared around things he and I like to do and are involved in.  I thought it was hilarious watching him try to make sense of everything.  When we finally reached Bryant Park, Goumba presented John with a surprise that’ll knock your pants off…

Be sure to stop back here in the not-so-distant future and you’ll find out just what it was Goumba Johnny gave him!

Thank you so much Pash Cab Casting & Crew!

“Put Another Nickel in the Nickelodeon,” Nick Jr!

After much anticipation, the Nick Jr. Playful Parent commercial has finally aired and I’m soooooo excited to share this fun spot with you:

Such a great shoot with the cast and crew of Cause & Effect!  Thank you all so much.  I am grateful.

And just because, here’s a little song about the Nickelodeon.  Enjoy!

Spring is here! Buy Mega Millons!

What better way to celebrate Spring than with NJ Mega Millions!  The commercial has finally aired:  

Wouldn’t life be grand??

Something Wicked This Way Comes…2014

…and wicked in a good way!  Great news! Great news! I booked my first U5 this month!  I am so ecstatic and grateful!! I had the pleasure of working with a truly amazing, talented and hilarious cast and crew.


The horror film, Until Someone Gets Hurt, stars Michael Welch (Twilight series) and is produced by Eric Schaeffer.  Side note:  Welch pulls off a great impersonation (during our downtime inbetween rehearsals) of Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro–facial expressions and all. 

Check back here and I’ll keep you posted when this film debuts.

Tigers and Science and Bugs. Oh my!

A few months back I had the WONDERFUL opportunity of becoming a kid again and ain’t that grand!  I shot a commercial spot as the Mom for the star in this video and let me tell you –there is magic in the American Museum of Natural History and you can feel it everywhere.  Take a gander.  It’s all right here:

I love this place!

Being Present & Making the #SMARTMOVE!

These past 2 months have been such an  amazing ride!  I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with 2 fantastic companies who make life a little easier: Samsung & Keurig!

The first leg of the Samsung Smartmove World Tour in NYC aired on December 15th.  I had the good fortune of interviewing New Yorkers all over the city to find out what they thought about the Galaxy Note 3 & the Galaxy Gear (so futuristic and Dick-Tracy like!!) both users and non-users alike.  Here’s what they had to say:

Working with Keurig and surprising families with a giant yellow present in hand was a sight to see when families woke up to their own personal Keurig Machine in the early morning– no strings attached. Kids and adults alike were thrilled when they opened their front doors!

I am forever grateful for everyone who made these events happen!  I loved working with all the cast and crew.  

I wish you all the safest, most BlessedHappiest Holidays!!  See you in the New Year!  

I’m Feeling Lucky! Hit Me!

Who has the winning numbers for this week’s NJ Mega Millions?  This month if your across the Hudson –Jersey side, whether it be over the Thanksgiving Holiday or in general, be sure to keep an eye out for me in the new NJ Mega Millions commercial.  I’m so excited to see it!  In the meantime, here are a few candid shots on set before the big reveal.  It’s quite amazing how production puts it all together.  And, quite beautiful.  It’s magic!

My own little garden

The view

Definitely a productive day on set!!  Many thanks to Doug, Corey, Lisa, Lindsay and all those on & off set in making the magic happen. Everyone’s a winner!

“I Got A Shark!”

“You gotta get a Shark!”  October has been a great month for many wonderful opportunities with November expecting so much more!  The Shark Vacuums commercial was  a fun spot to work on.  Not only are there 2 different spots circulating on your TV and web, it’s even playing in Walmart!  So the next time your in your local Walmart, peruse through the Vacuums and Floor Careaisle.  I’ll see you there!  Have a Happy Halloween!

With Love, Mom.

Nothing in life is easy, but with enough determination, perseverance, dedication and vision I believe anyone who has a goal to obtain– will ultimately get there. September has been just that:  a wonderful month of humbling, insight, reaching goals, restructuring and Moms.  

This past Saturday I was delighted to have hosted, once again, Gaia’s Essence 5th Annual Women’s Wellness Conference, where we were given the opportunity to look inside and “Choose Our Path”.   I was lucky enough to have my Mom join me for the conference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also had the good fortune of playing a Mother myself this past month for a Gardasil industrial.  My “daughter’s” mother sent a snapshot of us on set:

Mother & Daughter In the waiting room.

Mother & Daughter In the waiting room.

September has been very good to me and I am grateful for all those who have helped me get to where I am today.  Especially, my Mom.  Every month is for Mothers.  Thank you!

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