30 Days of… Tuna??

More like “30 Days of Wine Madness!”  But as for this past Wednesday, it stands as 1 day of me shooting a nationwide commercial for StarKist Tuna airing soon (next month!) in your living room and online!  “Thanks Charlie!  For using only quality seafood!” I’ll be sure to post the final cut when I receive a copy… there is love and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.   From the bottom of my heart:  Thanks Stardust Productions & Thanks Charlie 😉 !

Thanks Charlie!

Thanks Charlie!

For the past 22 days I have been filming, editing and being a Spokesperson for Terra Fossil Wine‘s “30 Days of Wine Madness: A Heart-Healthy Campaign” spot.  Each day, since the 1st of August, I have been cataloging a day in the life of an activity that relates to what I believe sums up an activity that is heart-healthy.  It has been quite an adventure.  Yesterday, it dawned on me that I have only 9 days left, including today.  It’s been quite an adventure, from the Copa to Karaoke, to Hermosa Beach  and The Getty Museum out in L.A. and back just to give you an idea.  Click on the links and/or see my work here whilst kayaking:

Visit my YouTube channel for more videos along with my hosting reel!

I hope you enjoy!  We only have 9 more days!

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