Not sure “Y”…

…but I never posted this commercial I shot for myBigY!  I love this spot!

It has such character and fun attached it to it.  Enjoy :)

“Slipping Away” into Haywire

If you haven’t caught the latest episode of Hawyire: The Series, watch it here!  We only have 3 days until Episode 24 rolls out.  Catch up with the latest adventures of Gracie (Larissa Laurel) & Leah (me!) as they’re “Out & About” in Monroe, NY:

Haywire: Episode 23, Season 3

NBC Diversity Casting Showcase

Soooo this year I had the great fortune of getting a callback to the NBC Diversity Showcase– and really any callback to NBC is a good thing. It’s an experience –from sign in at the main desk inside 30 Rock knowing that you are going to audition for the likes of Nick Gereffi is a feat in itself.  The experience is such a rush.  Thank you, thank you, thank you :).  Until we meet again.

“Redrum”…no, this is not “The Shining”

Just last month I booked a fun supporting role in Investigation Discovery’s Redrum Ep. #310 as Emily Hyland.  This will air January 2015 and I can’t wait!!! More to come so check back here for the Redrum update and a few other things I have waiting in the wings.   


A wonderful opportunity and I am forever grateful for the experience.  

Thank you Kevin Kuffa!

Let’s Fire It Up at Logan’s Roadhouse!

I don’t know about you, but when I have a steak I like it medium rare and juicy. That goes for backyard bbq affairs and whenever I chow down at Logan’s Roadhouse.  I had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of the mouth-watering festivities when I was cast in the most recent Logan’s commercial.  Trust me when I say you’ll be salivating after you watch this:

A ginormous THANK YOU to all who made it possible for me to be apart of this wonderful spot!  Enjoy!

#Unleash The Happy!

It was a welcoming surprise for a group of unsuspecting office workers this past Friday when 20 + dogs & puppies barreled in “Unleashing the Happy!” -And who wouldn’t love a dose of instant de-stressing and on Take Your Dog To Work Day!  Puppies:  Makes Life Happy :).  I had the honor of being cast as a principal reporter who was from the “Associated Press” to set-up our stage.  Here are a few behind the scene shots:

                                   Behind the Scenes Hidden Cameras

Thank you to Matt Wulf, Micah Ross, Chris Lettley & everyone in the cast & crew for such a rockin’, feel-good shoot!

This was definitely one-of-a-kind!  Let’s do it again!

With my Goumbas: Johnny.

Ooo! I had the rockin’ opportunity of surprising my fiancé wita free ride in the Pash Cab promo that we shot in NYC a few Saturday’s ago!  It was a difficult task getting John to come with me and “just enjoy the city” for this fun event and not spoiling the surprise, but I was able to get him on the bandwagon–he really had NO idea.  John didn’t want me to spend any money on him since we’re saving for a wedding that’s right around the corner. Very adamant!  Well honey, I didn’t!

We were picked up in a cab with all these crazy hidden cameras near Central Park West and taken for a leisurely ride to Bryant Park by our fabulous driver who turned out to be none other but GOUMBA JOHNNY!  I recognized his voice right away and his face!  (After listening to Goumba on KTU for so many years it wasn’t hard to figure it out.)


Me, Goumba & Johnny

The cab ride was hilarious and the chill-ness of Goumba roused John’s curiosity as he never ran across such an overly friendly driver.  All the conversation was geared around things he and I like to do and are involved in.  I thought it was hilarious watching him try to make sense of everything.  When we finally reached Bryant Park, Goumba presented John with a surprise that’ll knock your pants off…

Be sure to stop back here in the not-so-distant future and you’ll find out just what it was Goumba Johnny gave him!

Thank you so much Pash Cab Casting & Crew!

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