Marching through April with Color

These past few months have been wonderful!  I have had the good fortune of being cast as the lead in Eve Annenberg’s staged reading Sydney and Lulabelle on the Lower East Side at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.  

Doing work that gets work as my teacher would say.

I’ve also booked a part that went viral for Organic Valley:  

Organic Balance: Real Morning Report

There’s more to come! Everything’s coming up roses and I’m always grateful.

Taking A Leap…

Happy Leap Year!  What better time to share a couple of new shots that embody exactly who I am.  I feel like my session with David Noles really captured me.  The girl with freckles. A raw and unfiltered look… …and there’s more to follow. There’s so much to choose from. I’m having a heart-to-heart with myself on which one my headshot should actually be.  


Much gratitude to you David Noles and Anna Malskaya for pulling out the many faces of Misti.  Your artistry is beautiful.

Chatty Cats say “Speak Your Mind!”

Presenting –in your living room, kitchen, bed, bathroom, yard, attic, basement, airplane, tub, surf board…wherever… the one and only– Chatty Cats!

Starring Myrtle Myers & Miranda Goodall…. the hip chicks. 

Enjoy 🙂

Created by Bowery Boy Productions & Lonesome Joe Productions.

The Green Light: Health Tips from the Army Surgeon General

Recently, I traveled down to Fort Eustis to host a few spots for the Army Surgeon General.  These tips are not just for the brave soldiers who defend our freedoms, but are good for you and I to keep on track with our health.  These videos in particular focus on: SLEEP.  A New Year’s resolution I have marked as #1 for 2016!

In General:

and in Travel:

Have a Blessed, Safe, Prosperous & Happy New Year!

Not sure “Y”…

…but I never posted this commercial I shot for myBigY!  I love this spot!

It has such character and fun attached it to it.  Enjoy 🙂

Lost on Snuggle Island! Help me find Snuggle Bear!

What a FUN and INTERACTIVE shoot for the cast, crew AND the viewer!  Snuggle is lost on Snuggle Island and I get to help find him with my family –> except you drive the story with a single click!  Here’s my latest spot starring the one and only Snuggle. 😉

A quick “family” snapshot after a few day’s work:

Snuggle Family

It's Snuggle!!

DON’T Mess with Texas!

Yee-ha!  Texas Grit!  Back to my Texas roots.  I played Nadine Hamby, an officer, in this episode of Over My Dead Body on Discovery ID.


A great show, based on true stories.  Inspiring, encouraging and with a positive look in life, Mira O’Connell, our survivor takes the viewer through her encounter with an intruder (a must-see) and how she came out on top.  Come back soon and I’ll have a clip posted!

Samsung & Me at Best Buy…

See my latest principal spot for the Samsung Tab A which recently aired in Best Buys across America!  Visit any Samsung Tablet Station in-store to take a peak. Video post soon!


It was such a great shoot! The magic of the cinema is always something to marvel at.  Seeing the magic in this spot come together is just incredible!

THIS TUESDAY! REDRUM: “School House Rocked”

The long awaited Redrum episode airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel this Tuesday, May 19th at 9PM EST.  Curl up on your couch in anticipation and watch as we recreate this true-life-drama with me as Emily Hyland, the town gossip, a fun supporting role!

A Can't Miss!

A Can’t Miss!

“Slipping Away” into Haywire

If you haven’t caught the latest episode of Hawyire: The Series, watch it here!  We only have 3 days until Episode 24 rolls out.  Catch up with the latest adventures of Gracie (Larissa Laurel) & Leah (me!) as they’re “Out & About” in Monroe, NY:

Haywire: Episode 23, Season 3

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